Third Workshop in Barcelona

The third and final workshop took place on 29 and 30 May 2017 at IBEI (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals) in Barcelona. After a welcome by the project leaders, the participants presented the revised versions of their papers.

In the first panel, Dejan Stjepanović, Juan Díez Medrano, Caterina Garcia and John Etherington addressed issues of nationalism, citizenship, and external action of the sub-state actors in the EU. In the second panel, Arjan Schakel presented his paper about multi-level elections and Stephen Tierney discussed the relevance of referendums in the European context. In the final panel, Margaret Moore presented her paper about the territorial dimension of self-determination, while Ferran Requejo and Klaus-Jürgen Nagel discussed the normative aspects of within-EU secession.

The second day kicked off with two contributions about different aspects of European integration. Pablo Beramendi presented his paper about inequality, externalities, and bounderies. Frank Schimmelfennig connected the concept of “differentiated integration” to issues of sovereignty and self-determination. In the second panel, Erika Harris discussed the fluidity of boundaries for national minorities in Eastern Europe. The final panel focused on the contributions by law specialists. Jessica Almqvist analyzed the way human and minority rights affect the issue of self-determination; Jure Vidmar discussed the limits of democratic decision-making in territorial matters; and Nicolas Levrat explored the prospect of Catalan independence in relation to EU law.


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